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Hopefully, you’ve grown up shopping with us and by now know a bit about Amazon and our philosophy to life, customers and our crew.

With 25 stores and over 300 staff, Amazon is a New Zealand retail success story. Our vision is to be the best surf/skate/fashion retailer in the world and with award-winning stores, epic crew and NZ/the world’s best youth surf and fashion brands, we reckon we’re well on the way… but… we know we can be better! Amazon is built on a team of great people and we’re always looking for more (hopefully that means you) to help achieve our vision.

Current Available Positions



Can’t see a job in your store? – Join our crew club of people itching to go, and we will get in touch as soon as a job at your preferred store comes up!


Keen? Here’s what to do

Step 1. 
Polish up your resume

Step 2. 
Write us a cover letter telling us what you are passionate about and also convincing us why you think this role should be yours by birthright.

Step 3.
Open up an email addressed to In the email, tell us a little about yourself and why working for the Zon is the perfect job for you, as well as what store you want to work at and what hours you can give (so we can send it on to the right people). Make sure you attach both your resume and cover letter before hitting send.

As part of our promise to you, we’ll treat your application with complete confidence and always respond to you promptly and professionally.

We can’t wait to hear from you!